Our Wines

Put A Cork In It is a small family-owned winery.  We've been told we make some of the best wines in Oklahoma.   It is our goal to produce and maintain enough of each wine to keep them all in stock, however, our sales occassionally exceed our capacity to make wine and there is little we can do about it (except keep expanding).  You may wish to call to confirm the availability of your favorite wine prior to coming in.

Prices below are by the bottle.  There is a 10% case discount for 12 or more bottles and you can mix and match.

White Wines


Our Pinot Gris is a bright, crisp, dry white wine with notes of spice on the nose. Fresh and lively with flavors of citrus and almond; Pairs well with seafood, pork and chicken.

Price:  $16.95            




An elegant chardonnay with citrus and fruit complemented by lightly toasted oak. A great wine for most any meal.

Price:  $16.95




This medium bodied crisp dry Sauvignon blanc is aromatic with a herbaceous nose of grass and currant. Fruit forward flavors of refreshing citrus. Named for the moniker weathermen use to describe windy days in Oklahoma.

Price:  $16.95 




Red and Rose' Wines


Bricktown Pinot Noir is rich and silky; blends notes of truffle, toast and herbs with black cherry. Earthy and well balanced, it is very food friendly. 

Price:  $19.95




Our Indian Paintbrush Merlot has a spicy aroma with a soft, supple and fruity palate of plums and red berries. Rich round flavors with a lingering finish.

Price:  $19.95




Oak and tannins, pepper and spice combine to enhance blackcurrant and cherry flavors in our deep red Thunderhead Cabernet Sauvignon.  

Price:  $19.95




A full-bodied, dry red wine with firm acidity, rich tannins and generous alcohol levels. Dark, inky purple color and ripe fruit flavors of plums, black cherry and blackberry.

Price  $19.95



ak and tannins, pepper and spice combine to enhance blackcurrant and cherry flavors in our deep red Thunderhead Cabernet Sauvignon.  

Price:  $19.95




Bedlam Blush is a traditional off-dry white zinfandel.  Refreshing and deliciously plummy.

Price:  $15.95




Sweet Wines



 Scissortail is a well-balanced Moscato with good acidity and a crisp, sweet finish.

Price:  $16.95




Skinny Dip - Sauvignon blanc flavored with kiwi and pear make this an excellent summer afternoon treat.

Price:  $13.95





Delightfully Delicious - Ripe peach flavors infused throughout this chardonnay tantalize the palate.  

Price:  $13.95





Rose Rock - Strawberry flavors in a medium pink white merlot.  Deliciously refreshing.

Price:  $13.95




Red Dirt Road - A classic blend of field berries and shiraz.  Our best selling sweet wine.

Price:  $13.95






Redbud - The flavors of pomegranite permeate this red zinfandel, making it a sweet wine lover's favorite.

Price:  $13.95



Where to Find Our Wines Around Oklahoma

Oklahoma City

PANCHO'S LIQUORTOWN  6801 N. Meridian Ave (405) 721-7351

EARLYWINE WINE & SPIRITS  10524 S. May Ave (405) 378-0182

SAM'S WAREHOUSE LIQUOR, 2933 N.W. 63rd Street (405) 810-9111

QUICKER LIQUOR, 9109 S. May Ave (405) 692-9463

GRAND CRU WINE & SPIRITS, 9275 N. May Ave. (405) 749-9463

STATION WINE & SPIRITS, 13701 N. May Ave. (405) 755-1014

WALNUT VILLAGE WINE & SPIRITS, 12323 N. Rockwell Ave. (405) 773-4600

Midwest City

A&A LIQUOR, 1111 N. Douglas Blvd. (405) 732-5445

Del City

RICHARD'S LIQUOR, 4847 S.E. 44th Street (405) 672-4161

SOONER LIQUOR, 5917 S. Sooner Road (405) 365-2110

Nicoma Park

DP LIQUOR, 11005 NE 23rd Street (405) 769-3609


BOULEVARD WINE & SPIRITS  Corner of 33rd & Boulevard (405) 341-9123

SANTA FE WINE SHOP 16309 N. Santa Fe (405) 340-1355  

URBAN WINE CELLAR  1201 NW 178th Street (405) 513-5789  

CORK & BOTTLE, 16502 N. Western (405) 341-9463


MOORE LIQUOR  914 SW 4th Street (405) 735-5555 Facebook Page 

THE BOOTLEGGER 1332 N. Eastern  (405) 799-7648


THE SPIRIT SHOP  109 N. Berry Road (405) 321-3100

CELLAR WINE & SPIRITS  555 W. Main Street (405) 329-9463

JOE'S PLACE  1330 Alameda Street (405) 364-9262


SHOTS WINE & SPIRITS 901 N. Main Street (405) 872-5905


BUTCH'S CORK & BOTTLE  503 S. Green (405) 990-3483


THE VINEYARD  12121 NW Expressway 73099 (405) 373-4500


JOY'S LIQUOR BARREL   12134 West Reno (405) 324-0347

THE TWISTED CORK  331 South Cemetery Road (405) 494-9141

SPEAKEASY'S   1113 S. Ranchwood Blvd. (405) 354-4039

TURTLE CREEK WINE & SPIRITS  943 S. Cornwell Dr. (405) 350-0780

ICE WINE & SPIRITS 10415 W. Highway 66 (405) 350-1822

SUNTIDE LIQUOR 106 W. Armstrong (405) 376-9610


SUNDANCE WINE & LIQUOR  2304 W. Willow Road (580) 237-5103


GUS'S PACKAGE STORE 102 W. Springer Ave. (405) 282-3175 


BROWN'S BOTTLE SHOP  128 N. Main Street (405) 372-5080


HINTON WINE & SPIRITS  123 West Canyon Rd (405) 542-9463

Please note that not all stores carry a full selection of Put A Cork In It Wine.  You should call ahead and inquire about the wine you want to purchase.  Interested in carrying Put A Cork In It Wine in your liquor store?  Call us at 405.605.6656. ‚Äč

Label Art

Artwork on our labels is the original work of Alan Sheppard, Sheppard Custom Art, Edmond, OK www.zhibit.biz/shepardarts